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About Illinois Recovery Center

Our mission at Illinois Recovery Center is to eliminate drug and alcohol abuse by treating clients with substance abuse and related mental health issues with the highest quality care, in an individual multifaceted way to improve the success of recovery and reduce the incidence of readmission.


Addiction can be demoralizing, and addicts are too often treated like lost causes. At Illinois Recovery Center, we believe in the dignity of each of our clients and their right to respect. We believe in providing the compassion, encouragement, and structure they need to conquer their addictions.  We recognize the uniqueness of each person’s individual battle with addiction and treat each client individually. We recognize the significant role that mental health plays in addiction and recovery and integrate treatment when there are issues of dual diagnosis. Each client will be treated with complete confidentiality and afforded the highest quality programs and care.

Meet the Illinois Recovery Center team

Eric Conley
Eric Conley
Chief Executive Officer

Eric Conley, as a member in recovery, understands the amount of courage it takes to reach out for help when struggling with the disease of addiction. Eric has devoted the past several years to helping facilitate the message of hope to others in need of substance abuse and alcohol treatment. Born and raised in a strong family environment, Eric’s mission is to help individuals overcome the disease of addiction by delivering insight & knowledge about this crippling disease and providing each and every person the understanding that they are not alone in this fight!

Eric will be responsible for managing day-to-day operations at Illinois Recovery Center, including site, staff, and program management.

Illinois Recovery Center
Mike Sowers
Chief Operating Officer

Mike is filled with passion and dedication for helping people and guiding them to the start of their recovery. Who is on the line when you reach out, definitely matters.

Michael’s passion stems from his decision to make the call for help himself. The person on the other line played one of the most crucial roles in his decision to get help. They helped him to realize he was not alone, and that help is available.

Mike has almost a decade of experience working with others struggling with substance use disorder. He has extensive experience working in leadership roles guiding individuals into recovery.

In addition to helping oversee the daily operations, with an extra focus on the contact center, Michael will be leading the digital marketing efforts to reach as many struggling individuals as possible with the message of hope.

Illinois Recovery Center
Jakob Miller
Executive Director

Jakob began his career as a Behavioral Health Tech and after time advanced into clinical roles such as Peer Support and Counselor. Jakob was ultimately promoted to a role as Director of Extended Care. While in this role he developed Peer Support and Alumni programs that directly assisted clients from beginning their journey in recovery, to staying engaged in the recovery community long after treatment. Jakob has pioneered and installed policies that focus on families of those who suffer from addiction, which allows them to gain a personal understanding of recovery.

In recovery himself, Jakob is passionate about helping others overcome the many challenges they face when entering a life of long term sobriety.

Published on: 2021-09-30
Updated on: 2024-06-25