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Residential Addiction Treatment In Illinois

Residential Treatment offers 24-hour care for people who are working to overcome substance abuse.

Those who are struggling with substance abuse or addiction face some tough choices. Should someone attempt to quit cold turkey on their own? Should they join a support group? What about inpatient rehab in Illinois?

Addiction treatment is complex. Treatment options will vary depending on what substances the individual has been abusing. Another critical factor is whether the individual suffers from other disorders as well. Many people abuse substances to deal with emotional pain. Disorders such as bipolar, anxiety, and depression, are common in patients who are also dealing with substance use disorder.

If attending inpatient drug rehab in Illinois is possible, it’s a good thing to consider. It provides the best environment to focus on recovery.

Inpatient Rehab Illinois: What Does It Entail?

Residential treatment facilities are often referred to as “inpatient rehab.” They offer 24-hour care for people who are working to overcome substance abuse. Patients follow a strict schedule. Daily activities include therapy sessions, group meetings, and other types of self-work. Inpatient programs usually last anywhere between one to six months.

What To Expect At Residential Treatment?

Treatment will constantly tailor to the individual. No two people will have the exact same rehab experience. However, most centers function similarly. Knowing what to expect may help an individual who feels nervous about entering the facility.

In most cases, the staff will inspect personal belongings upon arrival. This is to ensure the safety of all residents and staff. It prevents weapons, illicit substances, or other contraband from entering the facility.

Some facilities offer private rooms, and others expect residents to share space. Having the support of others can be helpful during this process, so having to share a room isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Each day, residents will follow their own schedules. Meals will be at specific times. Many facilities have talented chefs on staff to provide delicious and nutritious food. This is an essential element of recovery because those with substance use disorder tend to neglect their physical health. Good nutrition will also support the brain during recovery.

Types Of Addiction Counseling And Extracurricular Activities

Individual Therapy

Every resident will have a therapist. The therapists who work at rehab centers specialize in helping people recover from substance abuse. Therapy meetings will happen regularly as the resident works through the program.

Group Therapy

You’ll meet with a small group of fellow residents and a counselor during group therapy. The counselor will guide discussions on various topics related to recovery. Topics may include trauma, self-esteem, triggers, and other factors that relate to substance abuse.

During these sessions, the counselor will encourage residents to share some of their feelings and experiences with the group. However, it may take time for the resident to feel comfortable opening up. Once they do, they’re likely to receive much support from their fellow residents.

Group therapy may follow the classic “12 steps,” a format shown to help with recovery.

Experiential Therapy

Many rehabs offer experiential therapy alongside traditional modes of recovery. Experiential therapy focuses on actions rather than talking. Counselors may guide residents through meditation sessions, art projects, or even outdoor activities like group hikes. These activities can help residents express feelings through positive actions. The activities are also fun and can break up the monotony of days in rehab.

Family Therapy

The counselors at the rehab center will discuss whether family therapy is appropriate. Not every resident will have family members willing to come in for therapy. For those who do, these sessions can be pretty helpful. Family members often don’t understand what they can do to help their loved ones. There may also be family issues that are contributing to the resident’s tendency to abuse substances.

Saving Your Life: Why Should You Choose Inpatient Drug Rehab In Illinois?

A Safe Environment

Maintaining a safe, substance-free environment is essential for people in the early stages of recovery. When people attempt to recover independently, they’re often triggered by friends and family members indulging in substances. Eventually, facing such triggers is inevitable. The resident will reintegrate into everyday life, gaining the strength to handle challenging situations. However, before that, most recovering patients need some time in a safe, drug-free space. It can help them rebalance themselves.

Medical Support

Detoxing off drugs or alcohol can be pretty tricky. Sometimes, patients detox at a particular facility before arriving at the rehab centers. Other centers offer detox facilities and medical specialists at the same location.

A Strong Community

At an inpatient rehab, residents are constantly surrounded by people who care. Not only that, but the other residents also understand what they’re going through. The staff provides a lot of support along with the other residents. During recovery, an emotional breakdown can arise at any time. Knowing someone compassionate is always there to listen can help.

The Best Chance At Success

Success with recovery can be hard to quantify. This is because every treatment center has different standards for what’s considered a success. Substance use disorder is chronic. Most people struggle through several relapses before maintaining sobriety long-term. Nonetheless, inpatient treatment is the most comprehensive way to approach recovery.

Three national studies found women who spent six months or longer doing inpatient treatment had success rates of 68 to 71 percent. The studies measured success by checking whether the women were still sober six to 12 months after leaving treatment.

Your New Life Begins Today: Contact Illinois Recovery Center

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, today can be the daily life changes forever. Illinois Recovery Center is passionate about helping our residents better themselves. Please reach out to us today to begin your journey to the healthy and happy life you deserve. We’re here to provide all the love and support you need along the way.



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