...Is Overthinking a Trauma Response?

Whether you're a trauma survivor, know someone who had traumatic experiences, or work as a mental health professional, you understand that living through hardships can deeply affect people in a wide range of ways. Each person's brain has a unique perception of traumatic events accompanied by unique processing of emotions, thoughts, and actions. As a result, predicting an individual's response...

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alcohol and pills

...Aleve and Alcohol

Aleve is one of the most commonly used medications out there because of its wide range of uses while not requiring a prescription to purchase. In fact, the drug is often dubbed one of the safest pain medications used to treat various symptoms including headaches, menstrual cramps, muscle aches, and fever. But despite its safety, they can interact with various...

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...Can you drink on Sudafed?

If you’re feeling stuffy and uncomfortable, Sudafed can be a brilliant remedy to clear up your nasal congestion, and the best part is that it doesn’t require a prescription like many antihistamines. That being said, a prescription-free medication can still have negative consequences if not used properly. For instance, you should be careful not to mix sudafed with some other...

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...How Much Is Ketamine Therapy?

Despite being relatively new, ketamine therapy for treatment-resistant depression is already gaining massive popularity. Back in 2015, there were around 60 ketamine clinics operating in the US. By early 2024, the number had jumped up to more than 1,000. More and more people are trying to get their hands on an infusion or a nasal spray—so much so that the...

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5-Panel Drug Test

...How Far Back Does a 5-Panel Drug Test Goes?

From a few hours up to three months, this wide time frame represents the detection window of a standard 5-panel drug test. Why the time frame is that lengthy and what exactly determines the detection period of my test? We’ll answer these questions and more in this article. Read on to understand how far back a 5-panel frug test goes....

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Walk Away

...When to Walk Away From Someone With Mental Illness?

Mental illness doesn’t define a person, but it could put a strain on their relationships. Whether you’re dealing with an ill partner, friend, or family member, pushing through day-to-day challenges can be incredibly difficult. But mental illness can also come in episodes. So, is this a rough patch that you can work through? Or is it time to cut ties...

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Jellinek Curve

...What Is the Jellinek Curve? Phases of Alcohol Addiction and Recovery Explained

Alcoholism is a serious medical condition and is one of the most common addictions worldwide. While each person experiences it differently, there are some typical phases of alcohol addiction and recovery that many people go through, as shown and described by the Jellinek Curve. Understanding this visual tool can help you or your loved ones spot the early signs of...

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crack cocaine

...Spotting the Signs of Crack Use and Helping a Loved One Recover

By 2022, a little over 10 million people in the US had used crack cocaine at least once in their lifetime. Do you suspect the crack epidemic affects a loved one? If so, how can you tell for sure? Not just anyone can diagnose a substance use disorder. However, there are a few visible signs of crack use, from behavior...

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Physiological Dependence

...Physiological Dependence: Symptoms and Treatment

Physiological dependence is a huge component of substance use disorder. Essentially, your body becomes so reliant on a substance that you start experiencing tolerance and withdrawal symptoms when you try to cut back or quit. It can develop with all sorts of substances, including recreational drugs and prescription meds. Recognizing the warning signs is a big first step toward getting...

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...Is NyQuil Addicting? What You Need to Know

NyQuil is one of the most popular medications in the United States, and it is used to relieve common cold and flu symptoms. Although it’s safe when taken correctly, NyQuil can be misused, and in severe cases, become addicting, habit-forming, and even life-threatening. Read on to learn more about NyQuil addiction, how it begins, and common signs and symptoms to...

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