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Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Illinois

Cocaine addiction can lead to serious health problems, including heart attack, stroke, and seizure.

Cocaine addiction is a severe problem that can have devastating consequences for those who are cocaine users. It is essential to be aware of the signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction and to seek help if you or someone you know is struggling with this disease.

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug that produces feelings of euphoria and energy. It is often used recreationally, but it can also be addictive. Cocaine abuse can lead to serious health problems, including heart attack, stroke, and seizure, and just like any other drug abuse impact, it also causes mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, paranoia, and panic attacks.

If you or someone you know or have a family member struggling with cocaine addiction or cocaine dependence, it is essential to seek help and intervention from the experts. Our Illinois-based addiction treatment center offers many treatment options, including cocaine rehab programs with a high level of care services implementation. 

Our program can help people overcome addiction, relapse prevention, and lead healthy, productive lives. Don’t wait; reach out to our professional staff today.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is an illegal stimulant drug that is derived from the coca plant. It produces feelings of euphoria and energy and is often used recreationally. However, cocaine can also be highly addictive if taken with higher doses. Due to its potency, cocaine addiction can lead to serious substance use disorder and health problems, including heart attack, stroke, seizure, and mental disorders.Cocaine can come in several forms and is typically spotted as a white powder or solid rock crystal. Cocaine is typically snorted or injected into the body. Several adverse side effects can occur after using cocaine, some of which can be fatal, such as overdose. This is why seeking treatment for drug use addiction is essential as soon as possible, and considering proper healthcare programs is important.

Cocaine Addiction

What are the Side Effects of Cocaine?

There are several short and long-term effects of cocaine use disorder. Short-term effects include these mental illnesses and behavioral health concerns:

  • Extreme happiness
  • Irritability
  • Paranoia
  • Change in appetite
  • Intense hypersensitivity to sound, sight, or touch

Long-term side effects of cocaine can include:

  • Mood disorders
  • HIV or hepatitis (if injected)
  • Lung damage
  • Loss of smell, nose bleeds (if snorted)
  • Headaches
  • Bowel decay
  • Seizures
  • Heart attack or stroke

These side effects can worsen if a person continues using cocaine regularly.

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction may include:

  • Using cocaine regularly, even when it is not affordable or accessible
  • Feeling the need to use cocaine to function normally
  • Using more cocaine than intended or using it for a more extended time than intended
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when stopping the use of cocaine
  • Spending significant amounts of time obtaining, using, or recovering from cocaine use
  • Failing to meet work, school, or home obligations due to cocaine use
  • Giving up important activities to use cocaine
  • Continuing to use cocaine despite negative consequences
  • Needing cocaine to feel happy or relaxed

If you or someone you know displays these signs and symptoms, cocaine addiction may be present. Treatment in the rehab center for cocaine addiction can help those struggling with this disease recover and live a healthy, drug-free life.

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Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction treatment typically begins with detoxification and inpatient or outpatient treatment. Each case of addiction is different, and some symptoms may be more intense for some than others. Illinois Recovery Center treats each case individually to ensure you get all the resources and tools you need to succeed. Let’s look at some of our quality types of treatment methods for cocaine treatment practices in our addiction rehab facility.

Medical Detox

Detoxification is the first step in cocaine addiction treatment and involves eliminating the drug from the body. This can be done through various methods, including medication-assisted detoxification, an effective treatment that uses medications to help reduce cocaine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and detox is an essential step in preventing relapse. After cocaine detox, patients will be ready to begin treatment for their addiction.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment for cocaine addiction is an intensive form of substance abuse treatment that takes place in a live-in facility. Patients in residential treatment (inpatient treatment) will receive around-the-clock care and supervision from medical and clinical staff. Depending on the patient’s needs, residential treatment can last 30 days or more. Residential treatment provides patients with a safe and structured environment to focus on their recovery.

Cocaine treatment programs that follow the residential process allow for the highest level of treatment. A person will have access to 24/7 support from our staff and will be able to recover in a safe and supportive environment. Our state-of-the-art facility in Fairview Heights, IL, offers a safe haven for those dealing with cocaine or drug addiction.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient cocaine treatment is less intensive and allows patients to live at home while attending regular therapy sessions. Outpatient cocaine treatment programs typically require patients to attend weekly therapy sessions and regularly meet with a counselor or therapist.

Outpatient cocaine treatment can be an effective option for patients not ready to commit to a residential treatment program. With this in mind, outpatient treatment programs are best for those with a solid home life since they will not be surrounded by 24/7 support if needed. Outpatient programs are also great for transitioning back into life after treatment.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

While there is no cure for cocaine addiction, treatment can help patients manage their disease and live healthy, sober life. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is one option that can be effective for cocaine addiction treatment. MAT involves the use of medication to help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with cocaine addiction. MAT can be combined with therapy and other support services to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for cocaine addiction.

Choose Illinois Recovery Center

Our cocaine rehab program allows for quality care with you in mind. Cocaine addiction can be extremely dangerous and problematic, so getting the best possible treatment in Illinois is essential. Our facility and support staff create a safe haven for you and your loved ones to overcome their addiction. Start living the life you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment plans and how we can help you.


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