drug detox

...How Long Does It Take to Detox From Drugs?

Even though some people mistake drug detoxification and rehab as the same thing, they’re not interchangeable. The former is a stage of addiction treatment, and it’s shorter than the entire rehab process. But how long does it take to detox from drugs? In this article, we’ll discuss the timeline of different drug detoxifications. We’ll also explain the factors that affect...

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How to break an addiction

...How to Break an Addiction

Some say addiction is a battle that you should win every day. Others say addiction is a monster that you need to slay daily. Whatever figure of speech you use to describe addiction, one fact remains certain: beating addiction is easier said than done. Today, you won’t get any magical solutions or shortcuts to overcome your dependence. Instead, I’ll be...

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drug test

...What Happens If Doctors Find Drugs in Your System?

If you need medical attention while using an illegal substance or drug, chances are that your doctor will find out about your drug problem. So, what happens if doctors find drugs in your system? In most cases, the results of private drug testing are protected by HIPAA, which grants the right to medical privacy. However, if the test is done...

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Therapy vs Treatment

...Therapy vs Treatment

Many people come to the conclusion that they need help with a substance use disorder, but not everyone follows through with obtaining that help. You may be wary of getting help for any number of reasons, and one may be because you don’t believe that therapy or treatment will work. The first thing that we must explain is the difference...

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best defense for positive drug test

...How to React to a Positive Drug Test

If you come to work under the influence of marijuana, cocaine or other controlled substances, you could be at a higher risk of hurting yourself or your colleagues. If you play on a sports team, you could create an unfair competitive advantage by taking steroids or using other banned substances. To ensure that everyone is abiding by the rules, employers,...

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sleeping pills

...Can you overdose on sleeping pills?

Sleeping pills may be prescription or non-prescription substances. Today, they are becoming more common among adults of all ages. In some cases, people become dependent on them for sleep, and misusing sleeping pills can be dangerous. It is important to understand how they work, common side effects, why they are problematic and what the overdose risks are. What Are Sleeping...

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...Drug Detox Kits

If you have substance use disorder or like to use illicit substances, alcohol, and marijuana, you may be tempted to purchase and use a drug detox kit if you know about an upcoming drug test. Drug detoxification kits are supposed to help rid your body of illicit substances, but their components and effectiveness may be suspect. Let’s look at what...

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coke jaw

...Coke Jaw: What Is It and How to Treat It

Cocaine is the second-most trafficked illicit substance in the world. Highly addictive, it only takes a few uses to make someone dependent on the drug. Although the euphoric effects seem like fun for the recreational user, they often don't realize the dangerous side effects that can also occur. For example, a condition called coke jaw is one of the main...

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...How long does fentanyl stay in your system?

If you’re wondering how long fentanyl stays in the system, then you should read further. Fentanyl usually shows up on a urine test for 24 to 72 hours. While hair tests can detect fentanyl for up to three months. While a blood test can detect fentanyl between 5 to 48 hours upon ingestion, and will depend on the dose of...

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...Types of Interventions for Addiction

There are conditions that people have where their issues could be fixed. If only the same individuals had reached out for help and sought the solution for it. Sadly, not everyone is willing or capable of doing such an action. One example is addiction. People who have a substance abuse disorder are highly unlikely to reach out to people they...

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